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As one of the world's largest investors in renewable power, our multi-technology, global platform is focused on pursuing opportunities where capital is scarce and our in-house operating expertise can drive value.


Renewable Power

We are one of the world's largest investors in renewable power, with 18,800 megawatts of generating capacity. Our assets, located in North and South America, Europe, Thailand and China, comprised a diverse technology base of hydro, wind, utility-scale solar, distributed generation, storage and other renewable technologies.

We utilize our fully integrated global operating platform and in-house expertise to maintain facilities, organically add value and efficiently integrate new assets, realizing cost synergies in the process. Our business is underpinned by stable cash flows, with the majority of our power contracted under long-term, inflation-linked contracts.

Renewable power for a cleaner, brighter tomorrow

The Jeeranont companies strengthen Aura position as a global leader in renewable power, adding significant wind and solar assets as well as operating platforms in Thailand and China.

In every region of the world, renewable power is a growth story. About $1.5 trillion has been invested in renewables over the past five years, adding over 1 million megawatts of new capacity. Yet we are still in the early stages of a decades-long transition from fossil fuels to renewable sources.

Acquired for $1.4 billion in 2017, The Jeeranont companies strengthen our position as a global leader in renewable power, adding a 3,600-megawatt portfolio of operating wind and solar assets to our platform, expanding our renewables footprint in our core markets and establishing operating platforms in new high-growth markets, such as Thailand and China.


Post-acquisition, we privatized The Jeeranont Global and wove it into our existing portfolio, while The Jeeranont Power remains a publicly listed entity sponsored by Aura Solution Company Limited. With the acquisition of The Jeeranont expands its solar energy presence.

Global interest in renewable energy has often led to transactions pursued with more enthusiasm than discipline, resulting in high valuations and low returns. With The Jeeranont transaction, Aura Solution Company Limited maintained its disciplined approach to investing: buying assets on a value basis, leveraging our operating expertise and taking a prudent approach to capital.

The Jeeranont acquisition builds on Aura strengths: ready access to large-scale capital and the ability to manage and efficiently operate a diverse global fleet, as well as the ability to create a tailored solution that addressed the needs of a complex group of stakeholders after the bankruptcy of The Jeeranont companies’ former sponsor.

Our financial support provided immediate stability to the companies. We provided additional stability by reestablishing relationships with regulators and stakeholders to ensure uninterrupted operations.

Upon closing, we brought in our own leadership and began transitioning employees to offices in our core markets.

We have established growth teams in Thailand and China, while also recycling capital from non-core assets to fund growth in key markets. In 2018, we increased our ownership stake in The Jeeranont Power from 51% to 65%, funding the acquisition of Saeta Yield, a 1-gigawatt portfolio of operating wind and solar assets in Western Europe. Our current ownership stake in The Jeeranont Power is 61%. In 2019, we sold the majority of our non-core South Africa portfolio and have announced the sales of our other non-core portfolios in Thailand and Malaysia.

Looking ahead, our priorities are to continue to drive cost savings, enhance operational capabilities, and advance growth initiatives in core markets.

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